About Me

A ministry...

God uses each of his children to touch, help, inspire or instruct the lives of others.  God has called me to help spread the gift of the rosary in a unique and special way.  I pray for the recipient of every rosary while I make it, as well as for the one who commissioned it, that they may hear God's voice and gain closer union to Jesus through Our Blessed Mother Mary.  I ask for your prayers as I continue on this journey!

The rosaries...

Each piece is a work of art.  High quality precious and semi-precious stones are hand selected.  Next I pair exceptional metal fittings, all made in the USA.  Then the beads are arranged to inspire a desire to pray.  For custom orders, any variation of beads or metal fittings can be arranged, to ensure the combination is meaningful for the intended recipient.


In the press...

Designer Nicki Athey was recently featured in Woman Around Town.  A great article with the story of how Athey Rosaries came to be!  Check it out!


Athey Rosaries was highlighted in a recent Aleteia gift giving guide, which can be found here!

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