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Custom rosaries

Have you ever wanted to share your faith with someone but haven't known how? 

Is there someone you know that needs to be lifted up, but words are insufficient? 


Have you had difficulty finding exactly what you have been seeking in a religious gift?


Look no further!  A custom rosary can fill so many voids.  See the testimonials page for a small sample of the reactions people have when they receive their custom Athey Rosary. 


Consider your own reaction to something someone commissioned for you or made for you; it is always different from just another gift, it is a treasure. 


Imagine the reaction someone will have when they receive a custom ROSARY.


In a series of easy steps, I can help you design the rosary that you have been seeking.  Let the Holy Spirit guide us, and He will not let us down. 


How does it work?


Send an email to with as much of the following information as you wish to provide:

  • Describe the recipient:

    • What does the person enjoy doing?

    • Is the person traditional/classic, spirited/lively, contemplative?

    • Is the person male or female?

    • Would the recipient appreciate the incorporation of a birthstone? 

    • Does the recipient have a devotion to a particular saint?

    • Is the recipient active duty or retired military or first responder?

    • Are there any colors that appear to be favorites or meaningful?

  • Are there any rosaries, or components of one of the rosaries, in the collection that you would like to integrate?

  • Is this rosary being commissioned for a particular event?

  • What do you love or admire about this person?

  • Timeline (when do you need your rosary?)


In the event you do not have a vision for exactly what you want, don't worry!  I will compose a selection of options for you to evaluate and choose from. 

Once the design is accepted, a Paypal invoice and timeline will be provided.  I will keep you posted throughout the process.



Are there any other stones available beyond what is shown online?


Yes!  There are so many beautiful stones to work with.  I use only high quality gemstones  or Swarovski crystals/pearls. 

Are there any other crucifixes and centerpieces to choose from?


Yes!  I purchase my Sterling Silver pieces from Bliss Manufacturing and HMH, both made in the USA.  I would be happy to send a visual reference to you via email.


Is it cost prohibitive to make a custom rosary?


No!  For as much or less than sending a large bouquet of flowers, you can give a custom rosary.  Custom rosaries typically range from $175-$250.  I try to be as cost conscious as possible and will do my best to work within a budget.


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