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"I met Nicki and immediately fell in love with her genuine love for God and has such a beautiful sense of faith. After I had misplaced the rosary my grandmother gave to me I was looking for not just any rosary but a rosary that had special sentiment. Nicki not only made the most perfect custom rosary within a day of my request even better than I imagined she spent time praying my specific prayers and desires and I feel the love and gift of her spirit when I am praying. Thank you " -- Crozet, VA

"I just received my beautiful handmade Rosary. They exceeded all my expectations. The attention to detail and color choice of the beads is exquisite. I am also impressed with the beautiful way they were packaged but most impressive was the beautiful promise of prayers the maker of the beads gave to me. I will order these again not only because of the excellent quality and beauty of the Rosary but the awesome experience I had with the lovely woman who makes them." -- Warrenton, VA

"I received my pocket rosary last week and the out of the box experience was exceptional. Very nicely done. The packaging was lovely and it was a delight going through the layers to get to the rosary. And the rosary itself is a true work of art. I almost don't feel like using it to preserve it. I will treasure this for as long as I walk towards God. Thank you so much for really engaging with me to learn what I wanted. I will refer others to you and I am sure that I will be back to purchase more rosaries over the coming year."  - Washington

"I love everything about this rosary: the deep berry-hued coloring, the intricacy of detail and most of all the image of the Sacred Heart.  It will be a new means for focusing on what is most important: striving to be a constant companion to Christ through better remembrance of Him and meditation on the events of His and His mother's lives.  Thank you so much!"  - Alexandria, VA

"I just received my rosary bracelets and they are beautiful!"  - Florida

"I can’t thank you enough for helping me recreate my grandfather’s rosary.  The rosary looks PERFECT!  Just like the one I had — I’m still sad that I lost it, but hoping that it will find its way into the hands of someone who needed it more than me."  - Wisconsin

"I received the rosary today, and I cannot tell you how touched I am by its beauty and meaning. You have truly gone the extra mile.  God has blessed you with an amazing talent, but also with a kind and dedicated spirit.  In this world today, we need more people who are able to share their love with others.  May God bless you."  -Roanoke, VA

"My mom absolutely loved her rosary and thought it was beautiful!  She loved all the personal touches. I had also included the handwritten note from you saying how you prayed for the rosary to bring her peace. It made her tear up. Thanks again for all the work and love you put into making it for us!"  -Maryland

"What a gorgeous rosary!  Thank you very very much.  I will hold this in high esteem along with the rosaries that Pope John Paul and Pope Francis gave me."

"I wanted to let you know the impact your rosary made on my husband and I.  When we received it we both knew it was the perfect one.  Although we have had many rosaries over the years, this one represented our devotion to the Lord and to Bishop McNamara.  Understanding who made it, why you made it and the devotion and prayer you put in while making the rosary could be felt while holding it. Thank you for your beautiful work -- please continue your work - the rosaries are made from heart, soul and the guidance of the Lord."

"Thank you very much for the beautiful rosary.  To be honest, I have never really prayed the rosary before.  I have now started and it has had a very calming, therapeutic effect.  I will chersh it forever."

"Thank you for the beautiful rosary and for sharing your gift from God."   -Woodbridge, VA

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this beautifully made rosary -- one which I shall treasure always.  As you prayed for me while making these beads so shall I pray for you as I say my Hail Marys on your rosary!" -Ormond Beach, FL

"I'll switch to your rosary and will keep it forever." -Huntsville, AL

"The rosary is so unique in its making.  The colors and choice of medals identify so closely to the mysteries of the rosary.  May every rosary you make have its own special blessings for those who use it!" -Reading, PA

"Thank you so much for my beautiful rosary.  I will cherish it forever." -Orlando, FL

"I wanted to let you know how thankful I am to have someone like you who prays for my well being.  I not only will take this rosary with me to the Academy, but I will keep it close throughout my military endeavor (and with me forever)!"

“[This rosary] is beautiful in fact and in spirit.  I shall ever treasure it.  It will be blessed tomorrow!” -Babylon, NY

"This rosary is a gift I will treasure always; I am touched by the way it was made.  It will continue to comfort me and provide immeasurable returns for decades to come." - Colllege Park, FL

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