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As a graduate of La Reine High School and a former Bishop McNamara Board of Directors member, I wanted to design a rosary for each school that can serve to unite all of the beauty, strength and spirit of each school with all that Our Blessed Mother Mary and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ provide to us. 


The McNamara rosary is made of a high quality moukaite jasper gemstone coupled with Swarovski crystal garnet beads.  It has a pewter miraculous medal and the Papal crucifix, heralded most recently by Saint Pope John Paul II.  This rosary supports the Bishop McNamara High School mission to teach students to think with Christ. 


McNamara rosary: $125                             

The La Reine rosary is made of luminous Swarovski pearls and crystals, renowned for their luster, perfection and quality.  The centerpeice and crucifix are rhodium with inlaid enamel, which set off the entire piece.  La Reinians know to Look to the Star and Call Upon Mary, and this rosary helps to achieve exactly that.  La Reine graduates are bound together with the joy, spirit and love that this school imparted on our hearts. 


La Reine rosary: $125                                  

Bishop McNamara and

La Reine High School Rosaries

McNamara and La Reine rosaries are unique to Athey Rosaries.   

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